Jack and Chill

I once knew a doctor secretly specializing in abortions. When i was in Scotland i got a chance to meet him when he mentioned he had fatally poisoned several of his patients. He demanded an examination of the corpses himself. The cops could'nt find a clue. He was shocked. He resumed killing prostitutes and started... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to you

Last year there was a surprise This year...She removed her stilettos and walked into her apartment. He was there in the dark with his hand behind and he was on one knee. She smiled. He lifted his right arm and fired. A balloon broke above. Lights camera...Party!


Too short a story...He turned to his right. His co pilot lay there in an unconscious state. And that’s when his first and last bout of Parkinson’s symptoms showed up...The End.

The Jumpers

Too short a story....Anna died in his lap. Before she breathed her last she told him 2 things-Her insurance number and her new address. He smiled with tears rolling down his cheek. It was his turn next. The End.

Parental Guidance

How can attachment affect people's lives? We do come across adults in our daily live who we find irritating and at sometimes very difficult to understand. They could be bossy destructive or controlling type where it gets irritating. They also could be withdrawn and clinging which could make it difficult to understand them. Have we... Continue Reading →

The Dinner

Mr.K looked at the classy whiskey glass in his hands. He felt sad. He walked over to the window and reflected on his gloomy surroundings. He had always hated any dark rooms and spooky bookshelves. But what interested him in this room was the vintage selected Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey which was on the dining... Continue Reading →

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