Back to Paris on Seine Cruise

We have been visiting France from 2011

The Country leaves us in awe every time

Be it the natural beauty or man made

It is a romantic destination indeed

This time my post is about the Seine cruise experience aboard the Bateux Mouches

A large seating capacity with 1 hour and 18 minutes of awesome cruise which was luckily timed for us at dusk during an early sunset to give the feel of daylight when onward and night view on return which made it special

Attractions like Concorde Louvre Hotel De Ville Palau’s De Justin’s Norte Dame keep us always out of our seats to click pictures

I have never been able to enjoy this cruise in one single time as it leaves me come back for more

The ever shifting population also adds to the flavour

If I were you I would start planning my trip to Paris and do not forget to book the cruise upfront! Enjoy the beauty of Paris from the Bateux Mouches


  1. Did this exact cruise a few years ago – a really special evening was had. One of our friends actually proposed there some years back. What’s your favourite thing about Paris? 🇫🇷

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