Love at first sight (Snapshots from a Konkan Getaway)

Love at first sight (Snapshots from a Konkan Getaway)

Route map:

Interiors of Maharashtra ; Amboli ; Shiroda ; Sindhudurgh ; Tarkarli ; Interiors of Maharashtra


2 to 3 Days

Dress code:

Carry apt wear for beaches / waterfalls. If possible carry a hat / cap – chances of getting tanned very high – carry sun block / tan lotion

Preferable season of the year to visit


My experience

The drive, the weather, the clean not so populated beaches, the ‘athiti devo bhava’ attitude of Konkan local folks can only lead to one thing – a perfect weekend getaway from all the polluted tension filled normal life which we lead.

It is hard to find loads of sea shells and underwater unique organisms available for visual treat so easily. Its a swimmers paradise I would say. Not to forget the forts that Marathas built and cherish. If I do not mention the scenic beauty all along the drive I would be missing a vital part of the trip.

It was a 2 day trip as we set out to explore the Konkan belt from Maharashtra. Amboli is a must visit place in India. Mind you this is not a casual statement as in normal tourist write ups. It is hard to find 5 waterfalls in the same place with a gigantic valley view. This place is called Kawalashet point. Never miss this if you are somewhere near Konkan / Maharashtra. I still remember the feeling I had – ‘Should I go back or stay there?’.

The Amboli waterfall is another delight. Cold pure healty is the nature of water flowing with a great zeal touches which your feet first and then pulls you like a magnet to the very pit of its lap where you can enjoy a nice natural head massage of the drumming water. Mind you…you tend to sleep off due to the natural massage but stay awake, you get to see more of Konkan later also!

We traveled straight to Shiroda from Amboli. Beware, if you are crazy about photography, mind you this trip might take more than 3 days. We reached the resort called green valley which has Tent Huts (Interesting way to stay). After freshening up with a nice cold face wash and some tea we realized that the beach was waiting. The beach was a 5 minutes walk from the resort.

It was a view to rejoice. Barely 4 to 5 people around and a vast stretch of beach all around you. Because there are not many people to disturb, it is an amazing place to be. One can hear the sound of the waves so clearly that at times you get a strange feeling of fear of the ocean also. That’s mainly because of the clear and heavy sound of the ocean. But I have not seen so many crabs moving around freely, mainly due to the fact that there is less population of humans out there. For people who collect sea shells this place is heaven incarnated.

After the refreshing stint at the beach one can take rest in the tent huts and enjoy a nice malwani style dinner. The next day morning Konkan took us to another place which left us open mouthed. The Sindhudurgh Fort stands tall with the waves bouncing. At one point of time when one finds a boat to get into and sail towards the fort, the feeling crosses the mind if the fort is floating on water. Such a delight that fort is right in the middle of waves. The trip towards the fort and the clear water near the fort island, the view from atop the fort walls is all a lifetime experience, inside the fort it was a little disappointing to see burned coconut trees standing unattended and a lot of rough forest type dry vegetation.

A few stalls here and there to see packed chips and artificial drinks made the charm of the place come down. But still all this did nothing to contain the vastness of the fort standing bang in the middle of water. A few temples were around. An option of snorkeling also exists at the shores. Rare species of oceanic organisms can be seen out there. The water is so crystal clear that you often get to see these organisms move so clearly. After coming back from Sindhudurgh, one can visit a beach called “Tarkarli”. New facilities have started blossoming here also for stay and the beach is again a very less populated white sand clue water kind of beach. We found a lot of ‘outsiders’ as we call the Videshi Babus. A long and interesting drive back to Maharashtra with some Marathi food to end the day was a completion effect for the most interesting weekend Konkan Getaway. Don’t miss it!

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