8 Thotakkal (8 Bullets) – 3.5 / 5 (An inspiration from Stray Dog by Akira Kurasawa san)

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Thanks to Hero talkies for this wonderful pick!

When it was Sri Ganesh directing this movie, I assumed there will be influence or inspiration from Korean movies. But the inspiration came from Akira Kurosawa’s Stray dog to an extent which not only surprised me but also felt happy. Though I am a great fan of Akira San, which generally blinds me to avoid movies inspired from his when someone does not know how to remake one of his movies, this movie left me thinking…wow! The movie did not disappoint me at all.

MS Bhaskar was a clever choice for the role. If it had been any other front running Hero, it would have become any other movie. By choosing MS Bhaskar Sri Ganesh achieved what he wanted. A dip in the common man sauce and a dip in the disturbed mind sauce. The change in expression and the Myskin like eye expressed madness (again a Stanley Kubrick inspiration but i wont blame it when used well!) keeps you riveted to the chair.  What will a man do to save his position…mind you not in the outside world but in front of his own family? A wife who cared for him but left the world early due to ill health Kids who are not treating him well and are after money…what will a man do when a surprise comes out of the blue and he is left without helping hands? This movie is fully held by MS Bhaskar till the very end

Nassar as usual shows his expertise as a police officer brought in to solve the case of a missing pistol of a police. Fully loaded. The search takes a toll on him as well and gets him injured. I have always liked watching this man’s finesse as an actor. He does not disappoint as well. Another clever choice by Sri Ganesh.

Vetri the hero does what exactly is required for the role of the cop who loses his pistol and comes from a dark but not so dark background. He has a long way in the industry if he hits the right note and makes the right choices. Aparna Balamurali appears on screen. The same concept of Tamil movies still not providing enough role and lesser screen presence continues. Though she forms a critical turning point in some parts of the movie, she does have less impact on screen.

Watch it. You get some good movies rarely which do not talk about collections and benchmarks but still make an impact. Doing more from less is what I call real talent in this industry. Happy to see that happening.

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