Chain Reaction: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Astounding News Inspector Rathore had woken me up at 10:50 pm that night. Before we move ahead with why Inspector Rathore called me up for Jyotirmoyee’s case, first let me introduce myself and why I am narrating the sequence of events to you. My name is Joydeep Bhattacharya and I am a close friend of Investigator Biren since childhood. Since Biren went to Yorkshire to continue his higher studies, we did not meet each other. But for many years during his stint in Yorkshire, we were in constant touch through our e-mails and mobile conversations. Biren used to call me and discuss about the investigations which he happened to be part of along with his interesting but weird boss Alastair. I had continued with my studies in Kolkata and went to US to study my MS in VLSI Design. After working in a US based firm for 3 years, I managed to take a break for a month and had travelled back to India for Durga Pooja. That’s when I met Biren again and decided not to go back to US. Biren got me involved in his first case in India since when I started writing about his investigations. Biren was a tall guy 6 Feet 2 inches, well built and hair always neatly combed. He was a man who loved charminar, tea, chess, cards and of course to think a lot. The aspect I found in him was that he was very energetic and enthusiastic when it came to solving cases. I was staying with my cousin and used to visit Biren very often. Inspector Rathore got acquainted in one such case. Since then he turned into an admirer of Biren. This was the reason he had called me up after Jyotirmoyee’s incident and invited me and Biren for tea the next day afternoon. After Rathore hung up from the call, I had tried reaching Biren. But the call went unanswered. Then I realized it was a Sunday and Biren had the habit of visiting his friend who was an artist at the local theatre. Then somehow I managed to reach him and made him visit Rathore for Tea the next day. Rathore stayed in the police quarters. A simple man by nature, kept his home very tidy. We were offered Tea, Buscuits and Dalmot by Mrs.Rathore. Meanwhile, Rathore took us through the sequence of events. Biren was listening to the sequence of events and he got into his thinking mode. We were silent for 10 minutes after Rathore explained the situation. Then Biren Spoke, Biren: “Did Jyotirmoyee have the pendant with her when she was found?” Rathore: “I’m afraid I didn’t ask that” Biren: “I think we need to check on that and also search the house” Rathore: “Search the house? Why So?” Biren: “I will explain when go there” Rathore: “Why don’t we go there now if you have some time? Biren: “Sure. Joy, don’t you think it is time for action for you too?” Smiling, I started getting up to call my driver. A man clad in starched police uniform rushed into Rathore’s House and saluted him. He hesitated for a moment on seeing us, but then started telling Rathore the message he was carrying. The information which the policeman conveyed was astounding. Jyotirmoyee was rushed to hospital also for reported traces of Poison but, she was out of danger. Akhilesh’s postmortem report also showed traces of same poison though his body was mutilated.

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