JAI VEERU – Movie Review




Disclaimer: The below review which you are about to read is purely my expression on what I feel about the movie. No offence meant to fans of actors/actresses/director etc featured this movie .

JaiVeeru – Friends Forever

Though having the habit of watching a lot of movies and also the urge to write movie reviews for a long time, i have felt that i have not yet

risen to the level of criticizing a movie. After seeing the 7:20 pm show of Jai Veeru at Gold Spot (Ad Labs Cinema Hall) at Ameerpet, i felt i

can give it a try. Not because the movie was too good that i could not resist writing. Its because when Puneet Sira can gather courage and

make such a movie called Jai Veeru and also charge Shyam Bajaj , Narendra Bajaj , Varun Bajaj a hefty sum for his direction, why cant i write a


Jokes apart, this movie starts off with some scenes which remind us of Gone in 60 seconds where Veeru (Super Star Kunal Khemu…sorry

sorry Super Star fame Kunal Khemu) is a car thief who sells of the cars he steals and makes a living. As history of bollywood movie making

goes, Veeru meets Jai (Fardeen Khan) at a bar. This is where Jai saves Veeru from 4 brothers of a good looking girl with whom Veeru tries to

flirt in the most common way or i should say the old SRK way. One aspect which i would not want to miss here is the picturization. The best

part of the movie is the way the camera has been handled by K.Rajkumar. A pretty impressive job.

Music by Bappa Lahiri is not so impressive. Post the saving act by Jai, they become good beer pals and also very close friends. Then

Jai drops his job as a so called mechanic where the owner screams for stealing his Beer from the fridge. They both do car flicking together and

with that money they go to good beaches (out of India … he he). It could have at least been little nostalgic if the music score in this

situation had been a remix of ‘Yeh Dosti hum nahin bhoolenge’…but looks like the director gave no heed to it. In such a discussion Jai

expresses the fact that he sees more cash in Veeru’s hands always thought they share the booty. Veeru states he works for another person called

Tejpal which he will explain later.

We have another bollywood ishtyle mein enrty by Anjana Sukhani walking straight out of the beach. Veru falls for her and flirts at the beach

and later invites her for coffee for which she agrees in the first ask…can you believe it? A comic sequence where Jai tries to spoil the date

of Veeru reminds a little of the Basanti Veeru and Jai combination of Sholay. But strictly just a very few seconds. One cannot even try to

compare any scence of this movie with the epic movie Sholay which was inspired by Seven Samurai.

Veeru casually states that he has arranged for a meeting with Tejpal for whom he works and wants Jai also to get some booty out of him.

Its fake notes/money laundering dhanda that he talks about. Expecting the villain to be a goon looking guy i was waiting when i got the shock

of my life. Arbaz khan was to be introduced as the villain. But wait wait…before that the director has tried some twist in the story. For no

reason Jai goes to a semi-demolished building and a person places a revolver at his back. Then the story unfolds that Jai is a police officer

under cover and is trying to get to Tejpal the villain through Veeru, for taking revenge for the death of his elder brother who was killed by

Tejpal. Jai meets his boss/inspector in the semi-demolished building and the boss as usual says he is not concentrating on his duty. Jai

convinces his boss that he is using Veeru to get to Tejpal and would be meeting him shortly. He also asks for relieving Veeru of his crime

record but the boss refuses with little grace.

Tejpal meets Jai and Veeru. with the usual stunts of hero not bothered about the villain henchmen and not allowing search etc, Tejpal

agrees to include Jai also in his gang to do chota-mota kaam. A shipment is to arrive for which Jai is to be taken along with Veeru. Jai meets

the police force and plans with his boss to capture Tejpal. Jai goes in wired to the location which is not traced…surprisibgly. One of the

tall henchmen (reminds me of the James Bond metal toothed killer) finds out Jai is talking to someonbe on a microphone and Veeru does not

initially believe that Jai is wired. Then in a dramatic sequence when Veeru pulls apart the shirt he also sees that Jai is wired. A battle

starts between the police force which is informed by Jai and reached location with the rifles(bah! still automatic guns ka zamana nahin hai!!).

Jai saves Veeru by warning the police force not to fire at him. In an accident caused by a free floating metal hook, Veeru hits Jai in the

forehad with a bullet. Jai drops to the floor and Veeru escapes the scene on a bike which comes from nowhere inside a building in the second

floor (approx). On the way he meets Tejpal and in gunpoint flicks his car (hats off to such a big don who stands dumb when a henchman takes

away his car). The car has a black book which contains all contacts of underworld which Veeru takes along with him (reminds us of Don).

Next scene Jai is in hospital and Veeru is in Bangkok…god knows how. Best part is Jai recovers a bullet injury in the forehead with a

metal plate inside as per the doctor’s operation. We get to know that Anjana Sukhani has fallen in love with Veeru after a single coffee date

when he calles her from Bangkok(how good it would be if love was so simple). She also goes to meet Jai, god knows how Jai’s boss knows Anjana

Sukhani’s number. Anjana Sukhani gets to know who the real Veeru is and flies to Bangkok to meet him and slaps him when he is drinking in a

bar. Jai and Veeru become enemies from then on. Jai thinks Veeru shot at him on purpose and Veeru is still not able to digest the fact that his

friend has betrayed him. Meanwhile Jai falls in love with Diya Mirza who is a nurse taking care of Jai.

Later it is revealed that Diya is the vamp girl of Tejpal, planted to spoil Jai’s plans. Veeru is brought back from Bangkok by Jai who

promises not to kill Veeru and bring him alive to his boss. On the way back from Bangkok the plane looses petrol and imagine both the heroes go

unhurt and land just in front of a cliff. Doubts unfold when CBI officer who takes charge of Veeru-Tejpal case send his men to accompany Jai

and Veeru. The names of the officers, as Veeru recollects is in the black book and hence Jai and Veeru escape again.

TEJPAL decides to kill both of them. Now, through a strange twist of fate, Jai and Veeru run together. Will they survive? How does Diya

Mirza bring the twist in the tale is something i leave the readers to enjoy on big screen.

To be frank, It would be better if you get tickets to another movie like Benjamin button or Gulaal in case you are a person who expects

good storyline in the movie. If you really don’t have tickets to another movie and are a bunch of fun loving friends who want to just be

together in a movie hall commenting and doing full time pass…then this is the best option. Jai Veeru…Baap re Baap!!!

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