Movie Review: Gemini Ganesanum Suruli Rajanum – 3/5


Starting off as a laugh riot Gemini Ganesanum Suruli Rajanum proves that a non star studded cast can also keep you entertained. Most of the character names either have been chosen as the name of a hero / heroine of the past. Interestingly the hero is not positioned as a good sought after honest man but as a trickster who does not want to take any responsibility of marriage.

Subtle references to Murali in Atharva’s dialogues and the scene where ‘Idhayame’ song is played brings back memories of Murali. Regina is a make up obsessed girl, while the other 2 heroines make less impact. Aishwarya has a pivotal game changing role.

Suri makes it interesting to sit through the game of tricks played by Atharvaa. A comical revelation towards the end leaves you laughing thinking through the first half of the movie.

Once watch!

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