Movie Review: Ivan Thandiran – 3.5/5


After Rangoon another thriller for Gautham Karthik. Good choice of script by GK again. A bit similar to Gentleman story line but takes a different course midway and turns to be a techie-thriller. GK should have used his own bike in this movie towards the end showing he has become successful and rich…Heard he owns a HD!

Shraddha Srinath’s extended screen presence adds a lot of charm to the movie. Her expressions gives one a feeling that she has been there in this industry for some time now. After Kaatru Veliyidai where she comes and goes like wind, she gets a better role and does justice to it.

‘Medakkavitta’ song (Choreography piece i liked above) which reminds us of some earlier songs still stays in the mind and leaves you humming.

A not so common proposal scene clicks (though there is rain and a bus stop involved! :))

Engineering Colleges have been a theme for many movies… Bringing in Demonetization and scams makes it more relevant to the circa we live in…Ivan Thandiran should go to the director and script writer… Weekend did not get spoilt … unfortunately for some of my friends who have left their FB walls reeling with sad comments on Imtiaz Ali’s WHMS movie….Hero Talkies did not disappoint by having this movie top the chart….

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