Movie Review: Kurangu Bommai (4/5) Monkey Doll



The title is catchy and the prop stays throughout the movie ending in a revelation

Kurangu Bommai which translates to Monkey Doll, revolves around a bag with a picture of a money doll on it. A black bag which travels to many places meets many people with different agendas. The bag exchanges handsgaining importance at each exchange. And the climax leaves you bewildered.

We see Veteran Bharathiraja deliver a role of his lifetime. Scary to remember Balu Mahendras last performance in Thalaimuraigal. We have seen a very different shade of an actor whom we enjoyed watching in Abhiyum Nanum. The Hero and Heroine have tiny happy moments together which is a welcome change to the otherwise heavy storyline

While there are some scenes which have been dealt with very intelligently, certain scenes did warrant a bit of gore. And the director gives it to you in a digestable form. A movie which leaves an impact.

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