Movie Review: Sangili Bungili Kadava Thora 2.5 / 5



Ike being the director ‘Nadigavel’ M.R Radha’s grandson inspired by many horror classics including the shining (you can see 2 girls in same dress coming in one scene as an example) this movie does leave a mark. While the premise of happiness of the mother to get a house of his own by the protagonist is heard of, the way the horror unfolds is a bit different. Watching Radha Ravi at his best and the rest of the crew carry the story line well is a mild happy treat when compared to the earsplitting blood dripping horror which have zipped past us in the past. At times you feel you need to give one tight slap to the character Jambulingam, Swetha’s Father portrayed well by Thambi Ramiaah!

After watching Kashmora, i somehow feel SBKT is far simpler and better presented and Jeeva carries his role well.  Once watch…nothing much to be very scared off!  Suri and Sridivya do their roles withing the scope of what was offered and justice is done to it. Kausalya is seen in this movie after a long time in a cold blooded character…surprising! Kovai Sarala…adds the mild comical impact reminding us of her acts in the Lawrence Ghost series

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