Movie Review: Yaman – 3.5/5


Thanks to Herotalkies for the wonderful entertainment they offer at affordable price!

Jeeva Shankar has struck gold by choosing Vijay Anthony in the lead role of Yaman

Direction and screenplay play a pivotal role in the movie

Vijay Anthony does justice to Jeeva Shankar’s choice, He lives the character of Tamilarasan well.

Good to see Thiagarajan after a long time that too in a very cunning role.

Mia George plays a nice role but not so significant in the whole length of the movie though she has significant screen presence. I personally was expecting some twist from her character but it did not materialze till the end

Plot was well woven and every scene in the movie gives one the perfect dosage of Indian politics and the dirt around it. At time you feel like twitching in your seats when you know the guy is hiding something and you have a hunch but it turns out different.

The climax is an awesome one dont miss it.

Weekend movie watch did not disappoint!

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