Srinkhol Protikriya – Chain Reaction

Chapter 1: A case for Rathore It had been a few weeks since Jyotirmoyee had called Bakul. They were school time friends. Jyotirmoyee still remembered the time when they had played together and had fun. The Wednesdays when they used be standing in front of the Dayanora Showroom waiting for Programs to start on Doordarshan Bangla. Nor would she ever forget the way they had made fun of Banshi, the pot bellied ever frustrated sweet vendor near baliganj station. Now, why was Jyotirmoyee reminded of all these? She had come to Kolkata the last week. Back from her exciting onsite visit to France. Akhilesh had called her today morning and said that they can meet up somewhere and discuss about their future. Jyotirmoyee was yet to begin her discussions about Akhilesh at home. Akhilesh…a cute boy he was. Jyotirmoyee was sitting at the Park Street Chai shop waiting for Akhilesh. That was when Naduprasad had come over to her table serving chai and wished her asking about here whereabouts and why it had been long since she had visited the shop. He had also asked how Bakul was. This had triggered the series of thoughts in Jyotirmoyee. Jyotirmoyee and Akhilesh made a good pair, making heads turn. They had a wonderful time going around shops and watching a movie. Akhilesh bought a diamond pendant for Jyotirmoyee amidst half minded refusals from her. It had been a Sunday to cherish. Akhilesh dropped her at her house at Hazra by 10:30 pm and left to his ancestral house deshopriyo park. Walking towards her house, Jyotirmoyee was thrilled about the new diamond pendant. But she was afraid about starting talks regarding Akhilesh at home. She would have to wait for the right time. Then it happened. All of a sudden Jyotirmoyee felt dizzy. She felt suffocated and s pungent smell filled her nostrils. Since, it was a few metres from her house so she assumed she could make it, but she suddenly felt a jolt and then lost consciousness. Jyotirmoyee woke up with a hammering headache and heavy eyelids. She felt as if she had been hit by a train. She recognized the place where she was lying as her very own bedroom. Other than her parents, there were Dr.Indira Chakraborty and Inspector Rathore. She realized that her parents had called the Doctor to check if everything was ok with her. But why Rathore uncle? Slowly Jyotirmoyee tried to sit up in her bed with the help of Munshi ji. Munshi had been with them since her grandpa was retired. He had taken care of Grandpa well and was continuing his dedicated services to the family even after her Grandpa’s death. To her astonishment, she found Akhilesh’s mother standing to the left of her bed. “Hello Aunty, How are you? How come here at home?”. There were a thousand calculations running in her mind. Then she also saw something which made her shiver. Akhilesh’s mother looked pale and her eyes were puffy. She had been crying. That’s when Jyotirmoyee’s father broke the silence. What he said, was no less than a thunderbolt hitting straight through the spine of Jyotirmoyee. Akhilesh’s mutilated body had been recovered from a lake very close to Jyotirmoyee’s residence.

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