‘Inferno’ Trailer is out….and its Review

Those who have read Inferno will be as excited as i am to feel the rush to realize that this has been made into a movie

The villan speaks through the introduction….

We see a man falling from a building …Then the most happy part…Tom Hanks as Dr.Langden appears…And then what if i suspect is the climax???

Ok…now then here is Felicity Jones in an awesome white shirt and blazer standing next to Tom Hanks in a crowded place…probably Istanbul trying to hide from somebody…then a close shot of Felicity JOnes in a mild green pinstripe shirt in a residence

An aerial view of Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul takes us into the memories of reading the book and a small kingfisher colored helicopter flying over….and then we find Langden (Hanks) and Felicity Jones running through a forest and then again a glimpse of the climax location and Langden falling into water filled in a pool of red liquid or it could be blood????? An another person or object also seems to fall into the water after Langden

INFERNO (Sony Columbia and IMAGINE a winning set of production house group) welcomes you to the extravaganza…

Church to mosque…open public place…Langden running around…search and caught….cat and mouse tale begins….

The Projection of Dantes Inferno is picturised well as explained in the book…Waiting for October 2016

Ok i stop here…watch and enjoy the trailer here is the link:

Youtube Link: Inferno

Youtube Link2: Inferno

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