Kabali Trailer Viral Reaction

Tamil Trailer
Telugu Trailer
An interesting blog on the comeback of Rajnikanth
A meme on the trailer

Fire…try getting close…Happy?

Neruppuda…then an awesome Punch…Then Nerunguda….and Then Magihchi…thats how Kabali is presented to the ‘World’ audience…

That retro look with a pistol leaving some chinese restaurant with a super shirt clad thalaivar using his left hand to lay aside a bunch of hair from his forehead with a pounding bgm leaves every fan desperate to book tickets and the shirt if available online 🙂

Slowly getting viral this you tube video of Kabali trailer….finally…Super Star seems to have come to reason on age.He has picked his age for the role…

Dialogues look different from usual rustic punch….nambiar reference cool

Someone mentioned SRK Fan movie is a challenge to Rajnikanth…please ask them to see this trailer and enjoy Super Star.

Superstars obession to new heroines has not gone away yet.Vayasu koodinalum style korayala…Superstar da!

Last scene shows him saying magizhchii with 2 white bandages protruding from right shoulder blade at corner of white shirt…

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