Movie Review: Kodi as 3.5/5

That ‘Mass scene Machi’ moment in Kodi

Kutchery Road Thatha: ‘Yenda Ambi, While we wait to see him pitted against Kajol in VIP 2, he leaves his mark as Kodi and Anbu in this movie. Dhanush has always had the aura to play a political character you see, which we all witnessed in Pudupettai itself you know. I used to say, he is always born to be a star da ambi. He is like the green chilli in Chutney of the Margazhi morning Breakfast pongal Combo i say. Lean, Short and Spicy as the complete essence of the combo in his delivery of acting. Sporting a nice beard and shades, he walks like a Lion and melts in front of the Heroines. His star rating has been on the upper curve you see. Maccham da avanukku. Koil free darshan queue la nikkarappo, devasthanam mama kooptu special que ulla thalli vitta madiri raasi da vanukku (While standing in free darshan queue of temple, when the person from the trustee office allows you inside a special que by chance) 

Yo Yo Grandson over Skype from US: ‘Nanum parthen dude’ ‘n my Hero Talkies membership. You are as usual being biased about him Thata. Unakku innum inda old timer approach pogala. (you have still not gone away from this old timer approach) Dhanush has grown by his acting. Getting lucky is required for all people in the cine-world, but there is talent in play as well. Dhanush has his talent and youngsters like us will keep watching him for movies to come. He picks his movies well and also has a good team to support him. I am at awe about Wunderbar and his choice of movies. I like him, and next time i do’nt want such twisted comments from you on him…else i will tell Grandma about the Blue Label swig that you had when you came here in the last visit. 

Kutchery Road Thatha: Seri Seri, why about the Blue Lable now…your grandmother is nearby so better keep it low da dude fellow. Yennama nadichirukka da anda Trisha ponnu. Yappa, enna oru cunning feel and look.(What an acting by that girl Trisha, what a cunning feel and looks)

Yo Yo Grandson over Skype from US: Like traditional review writers and filter coffee mamas like you, I would not venture into the acting prowess of Dhanush or Trisha. Both’ve cool name for them in Cineworld man’. Well, they have lived more than what they were expected to do in this movie as well.

 Double act with a twist…hmm Maatraan flashbacks do come a bit.  Face Off between political parties have been kept at the second level and not by the leaders which is different from stereotype storyline. No usual shouting between hero and villain as in other political thrillers. We are used to see electric dialogues and punch delivered so frequently in police and political thrillers that as an audience, a normal movie is hard to digest. 

Thatha, We always want blood thirsty cannibalistic politicians who shout and run around with Arival (sicles). Else we call it a dull movie. We also tend to say it lacks energy. The likes of Dharani and Hari have left us with such bad taste to movie making. No offense on those directors but they have changed our taste as much. But this director has left a mark dude! He has.

Nevertheless thatha the cast which attracted my attention are:

S.A.Chandrasekhar as ‘Thalaivar’ who must have felt happy portraying a good politician after all his movies which he created about the protagonist fighting bad politicians. Calm collected and shows a lot of experience in this acting

Kaali Venkat – This actor has fascinated me in all the movies I have seen in which he acted like Thegidi, Theri, Pizza II, Maari and Udhayam NH4 in the order in which I like his performances. In Kodi as ‘Bhagath Singh’ (nice name heh!) he creates a presence which will get him roles to the likes of what Sriman performed in various movies (He does look a bit like Sreeman as well).

Saranya Ponvannan continues to portray the same role in multiple movies. This time somehow the character she plays stays alive till the end. It all started in Embda Magan na…

It was a bit of a surprise to find Anupama Parameswaran of ‘Premam and A Aa’ fame in this movie in a significant yet not so significant role. Well it is just the beginning for her in Tamil. Keeps a bubbly character alive in the movie. Will like to see her as Siva Karthikeyan’s pair..will be a good pair on screen. Namba Jyothsna madiriye irukka Thatha….Jyothsna nyabagam irukka….you used to call her Mutta Muzhi

Kodi – Entertainer by its own means Thatha….btw, im off to a cool road trip this weekend. Will skype you later. Love to grandma, ask her to watch less of Kim Kardashians and let her better practice her Charukesari for time for the next skype session!! Will test her voice again dude. Take care…psst i am off with Jyothsna this time also! Biking you see.

Kutchery Road Thatha: Hmm…carefull da…anda mutta muzhi ponnu enakku seriya padalai…(That egg shaped eyed girl does’nt seem good to me)…be careful and take care. Catch you later dude! Have a safe trip.

Skype call Disconnects….

Yendi Rajam…anda news papera konda…setha sofa la haya okkandu Hindu va padippom

(Hey Rajam! Get me that Hindu News Paper, let me relax in the sofa and read it)

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