Movie Review: OK Kanmani (Ok for Commitment KanMani?) ‘ 4/5

Like a laka lai lai lai lai….Mana Mana Mana Mental Manathil…

Its been a long time sine i watched a Mani ‘Sir’ movie. This one was like a poetry. Short dialogues enchanting songs frames which smile back at you…situations which remind you of your own…

To be frank i have not watched Ravan and Kadal. I still feel for it as i did not get a chance to watch it on big screen. After a long gap i managed to steal some time on a Saturday night to watch this one.

Aadi – A PSBB Loyola Student…creating video games for a living in Mumbai – Strict but not so strict brother and sister in law from an orthodox middle class family which does not believe in Live In Relationship – Portrayed very well by Mamooty’s Son Dulquer

Tara – daughter of divorced parents – Strained relationships – Modern Wealthy Mother – Running a business wants her to take up the business – Awesome acting by Nithya Menon

Leela Samson lives the character as a star carnatic singer who is suffering from initial symptoms of Alzemiers being taken care by her husband Prakash Raj who is a caring committed husband (Reminds me of Aravind Swamy and Kushbu in Alaypayuthey and the final decision in this movie of being together in wedlock comes through this couple similar to Alaypayuthey moment)

The chemistry, the family relationship,interactions between families of the loving couple are all from the past movies of Mani Sir. Others might term it as a Cliche’ but not for Mani sir fans like me, He keeps repeating this and people like me will keep watching it. The fine moments of life is what people miss in all the fast life that one leads in the Digital world today. Movies like these slow you down and remind you that there is an aspect called Love. There are relationships and also reminds us to live life with a different perspective than being dragged down into the vortex of fast life.

Choice of color and picturization has always been a specialty and showing India in a fine Lens no one else can achieve but Mani sir’s pick of cinematography and this one being PC Sreeram – i cant comment on a University of the subject. Class…Class and only Class as always

One thing i do not understand and never will…Why does the legend A.R.Rahman switch hats when it comes to making music for Mr.Mani Ratnam. He doesn’t do it like this for any other director.

The flavour is completely different when he makes music for Mani Sir movies  … probably the best director musician combo Indian Cinema will ever see.

Must meet Mani sir at least once and take an autograph from him! Thanks for making such movies sir.

Like a laka lai lai lai lai….Mana Mana Mana Mental Manathil…humming still…

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