Movie Review: Savari – Guhan Seeniappan Delivers a quaint yet gripping psycho thriller

After taking my membership of Hero Talkies to avoid piracy and watch movies genuinely for a cost, my first click was for Kabali. Enjoying Thalaivar walk around the screen in a well fitting suit does give you goosebups. But what interested me was my random choice of second movie. The movie names Savari by Guhan Seeniappan. It has been quiet some time that a proper psychological thriller was delivered and this one is on those lines. The storytelling and the Car are the crux of the movie. Incidents and connecting them at the write time to weave a beautifully executed story line has left me baffled at the small scale of the movie but the large screen story telling. TK Karthik delivers an awesome acting experience. Rest of the cast do exactly what guhan Seniappan said. Comical titbits leave you reeling at times. There is a good future for some of the actors in this movie.

2.5 / 5

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