Movie Teaser Review: Dhruva Natchathiram – #DN #GVM

Dhruva Natchathiram – a game between John , K and. Darkman

So the much awaited and hyped teaser of GVM’s DN is out. The Teaser displays the name of the movie in a nice font and has a caption as ‘Yudha Kandam’ meaning Canto of War. It has a single star on the top with Chiyan Vikram dominating the caption as well though in small font. This time it seems to be a spy thriller.

John: New York in 2017 : A covert operative John comes back from the dead. He is terms the ‘Ghost’ (Aavi in tamil – literal translation huh!). One narrative between ‘Darkman’ and another person interactions explains about John and his resurfacing after eight years of oblivion when we are introduced to the slick stylish John (Vikram). The narration seems to be like Samudrakani and Nivin Pauly but we need to wait and see. Looks like a gang is affected by the resurfacing of John at an airport footage and are suprised that the covert unit which John is part of was started by Mr.K (Reminds us of RAW Chief Kao). Talks about Drone operations, CIA Pakistan Drone strike, US secretary of state etc. The decision is to lift Mr.K (Thookarom!) and through him get to John and his team to finish them off who serve as a pain in the wrong place for the narrative voice. No caption when Vikram smokes! (Smoking causes…!)

Enter Darkman: Scene changes to a skype conversation followed by a skype call with Darkman after he messages that he has Mr.K with him. The call is attended by Vikram from a cafe Starbucks Coffee Cup, macbook, !Skype on Macbook (He He), Sennheiser Urbanite XL Headphones, Shades ….ooh as stylish as it can get. Darkman expresses his interest to see John (voice sounds like Salim Ghouse of Vetri Vizha fame).  He mentions he has K and the usual rough dialogue between the arch nemesis and the protagonist start. When English and John become the problem for Darkman, the conversation turns to pure tamil and ends on a verbal cursing spree from Vikram after gaining knowledge about K’s abduction.

Enter K: A coughing ailing chief, stating not to do what Darkman wants and John to continue his operation. John stresses the need for Mr.K to be available safe for them as a team. The meeting of Darkman and John is set to be at Cannaught Place Delhi the next day, even after John asks Mr.K to hold on till 48 hours!

Darkman seems to know that John is in New York and John expresses his distaste about the meeting and warns Darkman that if anything happens to Mr.K….then…£$%^&!

Overall a thrilling experience in a teaser from #GVM. Vikram rocks as a stylish spy in his beard and suit / sweater. Background score seems to be very familiar – Of course it is from Harris Jayaraj…so must sound familiar.

Only one person Chian Vikram is shown throughout the teaser. 5 Characters are portrayed. Awaiting the teaser. Did Surya miss a good script or did Vikram pick up a very high profile movie not apt for the C Class audience…will need to wait and watch!

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