Music Single Review: Thandiraa


Thandiraa …The Tricky One

Link to the Song on Youtube Click Here

To be featured in the movie Adhe Kangal the premise of this song seems to be around how the Blind Chef who is impacted by 2 women (a guess from the video) is lamenting about beautiful yet dangerous and unreliable nature of them. Kudos to the fresh creativity by the person who penned this song!

Could she be a Thief or a Little Vampire? Is she a wild river disguised in a glass like physique?

She seems to be an experienced player without much of fuss yet he sees a thousand lies in those beetle like eyes,

He calls her an anaconda in ‘Amul Baby’ make up

A Tricky Lady she is…

A Beautiful lady who can hatch a cunning plot, a shrew which cannot be tamed, She herself is a mini mystery like a game played without spilling over the boundaries

Could she be a chameleon in a beautiful Barbie doll disguise like how they say a Tiger clad with Cow’s Hide? Or a deer not easy to hunt?

He realizes all the outward acting of them has come to light from recent events, Calling her a beautiful danger he warns people to stay away from this fate.

This woman’s cunning mind is faster than a storm

She is cool as a climber and as hot as a scorching heat wave

Enjoyed listening to the lyrics and the visuals seems to add suspense to the forthcoming movie.

A Link to the movie Teeaser – Adhe Kangal – Click Here

The trailer leaves us guessing what all could it have been inspired from – The Blind Chef, A murder on the blocks? 2 Women, Intriguing circumstances shown in the teaser leads to a lot of guesswork…well planned teaser. Looks like i will end up watching this movie and write a review of it as well.

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