Theri Movie Review and why i stopped liking Vijay movies

Theri Disappoints…yes.

Like a formula director listed are the checkpoints:

Artsy director turns a commercial director: Check

A cop story with a twist: Check

Class C Storyline in Class A Rendering: Check

Predictability Very High : Check

Hero Different looks, Action with goons, Two heroines one dies one alive : Check

Kids, Messages for Public Consumption, Social Awareness: Check

Villain from Chatriyan with old director playing the role: Check

Villain wants hero to come back as super cop: Check

Villain hurts family and leaves hero alive: Check

Mother sentiment: Check

Baasha type revelation scene: Check

Baasha ‘Auto’ karan type Deva intro song : Check

Rape and murder of IT employee and Revenge by lone super cop: Check

Daughter father sentiment : Check

Daughter urges dad to fight at specific scenes to gain dad a success: Check

Colorful backdrop songs coming up in meaningless manner: Check

One comedian over and above th hero who has his own comedy track: Check

One ultra modern Heroine and One homely heroine: Check

Kid wants dad to remarry and pushes for second heroine to be her mom: Check

Undercover Ghost Vigilante type revenge sequences : Check

Big Cop helps Hero undercover and reveals in climax: Check

If any of the above you have not seen earlier and agree that this was all old movies combined into a new movie with the desperation of making producers happy and forego the artistic element of cinema…you have not watched enough movies.The funny part is Hero can hang whomever he wants and at any place and no one creates a sensation out of it. No family history for the Villain who can come and take revenge…except son and party friend who die a gory death.

What disappointed was that Vijay had picked up this role without thinking twice. Vijay needs to do more justice in storyline and brand building. Where are the good directors and why dont they pick up and try a good movie with him? There is one element in this movie though which i do not want to ignore. Audio and Picturization was of good class. Other directors should use this….

Its time Tamil cinema comes out of the Cop Movie Culture and bring in some fresh stories

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