One Page Short Story: Serial Killer…


The young lady came to the room. She was tired after finishing the days cleaning chores. She started watching her favorite television serial. She was sitting on a sofa. Right behind the sofa was crouched a man who had stealthily entered by the window sometime back to burgle the house. She was engrossed in the television serial. In between the television serial, there was an advertisement and then a breaking news. The news showed about recent murders that took place in the city. One such news item was about a murder in broad daylight and did not find any clues yet. The television in the murder scene was paused at a news showing a murder which happened a day ago in similar fashion.

Srikala was shocked. The television news channel had displayed the murder location in detail. It showed a pair of sun glasses on the television in front of which the murder had happened. It was a nice pair of sunglasses. It was her glasses!

She had forgotten her sun glasses by mistake at the murder scene. This time she will remember not to leave any clues. She paused the television at the murder news. She stood up turned and rammed the dagger near his clavicle. She had practiced this on a dummy many times. She did not miss her mark. Yet, she withdrew her dagger and slit his throat while holding his head. The burglar saw her face when he fell. He was staring into the face of a murderer. A scar decorated her face from the right eyebrow to her nose. He knew this face.

She removed took the knife and wiped it clean in her saree. She also removed the pair of gloves she was wearing and tucked it in her hip. Time to leave the murder scene. The television was paused at yesterday’s news of a murder.

Serial Killer…

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