Travel : My visit to Stonehenge, Salisbury and Bath

While i was waiting at Slough station for the train to London Paddington at 6:49 AM which was late by 6 minutes as the announcements were made, i thought why not write down about the journey i will take up today. So after i am back home, left half hungry with my want to go back and spend a week at the beautiful city of Bath, i started this blogpost.

From Paddington Hilton lounge the bus picked me up in the morning and the first stop was stonehenge. Pete who was our guide and Nick our coach driver were a gleeful lot. After having settled down in the seats and looking at the availability of a loo in the bus which is still new for an Indian, i tried connecting to the wifi. The wowcher which i had picked up online which gave me the typical discounted rate of 27 Pounds for a daylong coach trip to the 3 places in subject had also mentioned that there was free wifi in the bus. And viola, it worked like a cakewalk. Whatsapp on, i was about the start reading the usual forwarded messages in groups and verbal battle going on about the bihar elections, when Pete (the guide for the day) started on the mic about the inner ramparts of London. The bus took us through the Hyde park and the rest of the beautiful city until it touched the highway. Till then Pete went on and on about various things which one should enjoy in the trip rather than me writing about it and diluting the fun of it you should enjoy it yourself.

So the first stop was Stonehenge. It was a drive for almost 2 hours and i dozed off. I woke up to a rainy all known British change of weather with a lot of wind to add to the pain. Equipped with an umbrella i got down to pick up the entry ticket for Stonehenge which was obviously not included in the wowcher. With 14 Pounds spent and 2 pounds for the audio guide which mostly ended up hanging in my neck while clicking the stonehenge multiple times in terms of selfies or direct focus shots, i felt amazed as the structure which stood in front of me. Pete mentioned references to Aliens and Atlantis while people talk about Stonehenge and that he does not approve of it and it is man made, i still have in the corner of my heart a small will and wish that it should be Atlantis. After the closer look at Stonehenge coming back to return the audio guides and taking a look at the hits of neanderthals and then rushing on to take a nature break and then reached the bus on time back at 12:30 PM after urgently picking up a souvenir coin of Stonehenge at 2.99 Pounds.

Then Pete lead the show again until we reached Salisbury and we got down to view the amazing Cathedral. For one time other than the Father whom i met in Birmingham Church, a tourist guide was the first to explain correctly what a cathedral meant and that it was due to the presence of a ‘Cathedra’ the name was derived. After picking up the floor map with explanation of the cathedral from a charming old lady doing this as a service i got a chance to go through some of the finest works of architecture and then which lead me to the ‘Magna Carta’. For thos eof you who know the significance of this, you know how it feels. For those who dont know, please read it up on the internet if you do not know already. A cute lady at the tourist information center / shop helped me get a souvenir coin from Salisbury for which i was charged 1 pound .

Starting back 10 minutes late due to late arrival back in the bus from Salisbury and then it went straight to the most beautiful city of Bath…But then you need to wait for the story of Bath in my next blogpost. Till then enjoy the pictures below shot from my Samsung Grand Duos.


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