🦕 Jurassic World : A Jumanji of Dinosaurs and then there is genetics 🦖

Sunday evening movie at Empire Cinemas Slough. Anticipating the adverts and trailers I land up exactly when the parental guidance template looms on the big screen at impact

Then on it’s pure chaos where the director is unable to decide between Jurassic Park Jumanji and some flavours of genetic science fiction… not to forget the ramp walk bidding for dinosaur sales…antique! Really? Is this what you do with a Spielberg franchise? Well it’s a question

You can see the likes of Ted Levine walk in and get chewed off by a Dino! And of course there is Toby Jones the Avengers bench who there created the mess of Hydra and here ends up anchoring a ramp walk show of dinosaurs stupidly getting chewed as well…

Bryce Dallas is the heartbeat of the movie…charming and energetic. Chris Pratt does his best and shows a funny bone at times

CGI is good and the fossils come to life

They have managed to suffocate the franchise… a few heartbeats still remain… the genetic baby nailed to coffin … almost!

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