Jack and Chill

I once knew a doctor secretly specializing in abortions.

When i was in Scotland i got a chance to meet him when he mentioned he had fatally poisoned several of his patients.

He demanded an examination of the corpses himself. The cops could’nt find a clue.

He was shocked. He resumed killing prostitutes and started leaving obvious clues but by the time the police came they would’nt find the clues and he was more disappointed.

He decided to go to police and surrender explaining all the murders and that he was the one who did all of them. But the next day morning he was found dead.

When the cops came to investigate his murder there was a note next to his corpse which read :

Dear Jack,

I am sorry i had to remove all evidences of the murder. You did them, but i did’nt want to go to jail for it so i removed the evidences when you were not around. But you still would’nt budge. So i had to mix poison in your whiskey.



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