The Store – Book Review

Book Review

Why should you read this book? Whats so different?

Well.. to begin with this is a racing thriller. From the word go, it leaves you at the edge of the seat. The storyline / plot and the way it is written in first person leaves you wearing the shoes of the protagonist.

What more, the events and twists keep flowing at a constant supply one after the other and its all relevant in this age of online buying with behemoths like Amazon, Ebay etc ruling the shopping experience.

It leaves you thinking what if some of the details mentioned in this book are true and you start looking around for similar situations in daily life.

What leaves you a bit disappointed in towards the end it has a regular cliche which ends in an all is well that ends well style. But it is worth a read to keep the Adrenalin racing. Enjoyed this over a weekend which left my wife wondering how come this book has made him sit glued to a spot when it is not usually the case…

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