Ghostly Encounters

Once upon a time there was a village at the far end of south India called Erumaipatti. This village was at the banks of a small river named Chandra Kaveri. All the villagers lived in harmony and good health. The village had a government school,a post office,a police station,a hospital, a large water tank and a panchayat board office. The five elders of the panchayat board office discussed every fifteen days about the welfare of the village community. They took special care about the safety of the villagers.For the past ten years there were no security incidents reported .

While all this was rosy ,the last month during the monthly panchayat meeting there was a complaint registered by one of the villagers about a missing person. It was about a missing school teacher who had come back late evening from the school walking through the river side.The panchayat members had not faced such a situation before,but did not want the villagers to panic.So they arranged for the police to investigate this issue and hence find the missing person as well.The police station had only a sub inspector and a constable.Due to this the police found it difficult to manage day to day issues between the villagers and also give priority to the missing person case.

After a month the panchayat met again and to their amazement they heard about yet another missing person complaint .To add to this problem ,the previous case of missing person was also not yet solved.The villagers were slowly starting to panic and it was visible that this missing person case was becoming a priority over other issues.They planned to set up a security group to keep vigil every night to track down the reason.

A rumor started spreading across the village that this was the work of a ghost which visited the village river banks from time to time . The panchayat felt that this was rubbish, which gave them more enthusiasm to solve this mystery. But one thing was certain ,all the people who went missing were close to the river banks when they were last seen by the villagers. There stood tall trees and a lot of shrubs closer to the river banks ,making the task tougher for the people in night vigil.In those days battery operated torches did not exist.Only hurricane lamps and fire torches existed . It always used to be windy near the river and hence fire torches were never helpful.So whoever went to keep night vigil was having a hurricane lamp and a stick with them .

Days passed without any incident or any luck to find any traces of the missing people.

How do you think this story should continue?

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