Pic Courtesy: IMDB #thehighwaymen #bonnieandclyde #travelwithprasanna

When all the options
are rendered useless to capture a rogue pair who go on a looting and shooting spree, they turn to 2 Texas Rangers who have been out of action for some time and are not exactly the favourites of the governer who is call ‘Ma’ for a change (Cast: Kathy Bates) resembling the Ma’m in James Bond flicks!

Then we see Kevin Costner take the movie through to completion. This is a movie to be watched to see him perform back in action. His age is shown apt in this movie and the chase sequence behind a small boy running with a glass bottle with a message in it, is the highlight of the movie. It appears twice in the movie and has an impact.

The Cowboy stance and the strategy planning between the 2 highwaymen (Woody Harrelson in his trademark rustic role of a rouge character in a righteous way!)

#bonnieandclyde #thehighwaymen Picture Courtesy: https://variety.com

Kim Dickens and Kevin Costner share the husband and wife chemistry wery well on screen in this movie. The part where she says she is looking to paint when Kevin is waiting for her decision for a go ahead to get back on the road as HIghway men to track down and take down Bonnie and Clyde is tense!

The movie has its own comical moments and tense ones too. Worth a watch to see the perspective of the ones who tracked and took down the deadly duo is a fresh change…

While watching this on Netflix my thought went…well you still cant beat the classic Warren Beatty’s Bonnie and Clyde…it still has its mark on me! Never can do – beat a classic??

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