Thadam 2019 : Movie Review- 4/5

Thadam 2019 : Movie Review- 4/5

Magizh Thirumeni is back after Mundhinam Paartheney,Thadaiyara Thaakka and Meaghamann. This time he is back with his Thadaiyara Thaakka hero (Arun Vijay) who plays Ezhil and Kavin as identical twins. One a construction businessman in love with a girlwho works in his building and another a thief and a gambler who is always on the lookout to make fast money.

While the characters Deepika and Ananthi appear in the background it is the identical twins who steal the show throughout. The whole story revolves around their lives. Suruli (Yogi Babu) does a fairly lesser role than his usual and wanes away after the first half.

Sonia Agarwal plays the mother othe identical twins and weaves the story into a well paced murder mystery and thriller. A bit of an odd role but she plays it well.

Sub-Inspector Malarvizhi played by Vidya Pradeep who carries herself well in a police attire is the key person who is the pawn in the game.

Gopalakrishnan (FEFSI Vijayan) makes a ruthless Policeman throughout the movie, probably his facial expression was sufficient to do it.

While it becomes a cat and mouse cop-murderer chase, it ends up they are chasing 2 rats and neither are coming up in any of the evidences.

While both were released from police custody and case is dismissed without any result, we as audiences get the final glimpse of the plot and the actual killer.

After a long wait we get a good crime writeup. More than the director alone, the writer (again Magizh Thirumeni) makes a solid mark.

For the explicit murder scene a bit of timed liplock scenes guided viewing is recommended.

I would recommend to watch this movie for all those who like this genre. (4/5)


  1. 1. Oh C’mon man, u said it urself, the characters vanish into thin air for lack of definitive arcs; Yogi Babu, Sonia Agarwal, Vijayan, Meera Krishnan.

    2. The police r a joke . . . YET AGAIN!!! They don’t do victimology, they don’t even do background checks at the very least. Their spectacular ignorance and cluelessness have been stretched out like soap opera only to have a waterfall of epiphany.

    3. The police comedians were just downright annoying, especially with the inadvertant mess up of the crime scene and all . . .

    3. Kavin gets caught with the scam victim and yet he and his posse get out of it unscathed because the victim displays something like a stockholm syndrome of a kidnapped victim and the playboy hero falls for her just like that out of the blue.

    4. At one point during the beginning of the movie I definitely had a hollywood “inspiration” vibe and was expecting a modified “Dead Ringer”.

    5. Most of all I figured out the so-called “big climax twist”, at one point well before interval.

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    • I agree that the characters vanish and lack sheen. But the police being a joke is a age old formula to show the main characters in strong light. The police don’t solve every case do they. Moreover a did a bit of reading and realised that the cases mentioned in the movie about identification twins where the verdict was a hung decision is so true. Choice of subject core of this story was good.Dead Ringer! No no no nothing like that mate. Your mind goes to compare to a classic? I was suspecting Kevin to be fair in the end and the twist of Kevin coming to Ezhils help is what was catchy!


      • Thankfully it was nothing like Dead Ringer. That wud’ve destroyed a classic. I just had that vibe from what was going on in the first half. Making the supporting characters a joke to elevate the protagonists makes it very very predictable which aided in me figuring out the end.

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      • I can’t think of any at this moment. But I’ll look up if there r others. BTW it “Dead Ringers” and not “Dead Ringer”. My bad. They r 2 different movies and I meant “Dead Ringers”, the Jeremy Irons one by Cronenberg.


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