Jurrasic Coast And Isle of Purbeck

On the 21st of April 2019 after a quick refreshing breakfast at the Travel Rest Hotel in Bournemouth, we set off to yet another wanderlust adventure – a tour of the Jurassic Coast.

The weather prediction was perfect for a weekend getaway

This tour covers only a portion of the Jurassic Coast as explained by the tourist guide-coach-concierge superman Mr.Paul. The coast is 94 miles totally. First from hotel pickup point at 8:45 am we were taken to Poole Beach to take the ferry to Isle of Purbeck which is actually not an island and is connected to the mainland.

Being the weekend of beer festival at Bournemouth all hotels were full and all tours were overflowing.

Poole was built by Victorians between 1840 and 1850. It is the 2nd largest natural harbour in the world after Sydney harbour in Australia. A very busy harbour! The most expensive yachts are made here. Poole pottery is very famous. (Sun seeker)

2 lifting bridges are present here. We got a chance to go across twin sails bridge. We crossed the lifeboat museum and three place where lifeboats are made and shipped all across U.K.

1645 corfe castle built by William the conquerer and destroyed later. This was the lunch break stop.

Paul took us to a viewpoint to see Bournemouth bay and Poole harbour at same time

Red squirrel 🐿 user to be local here. grey squirrels when brought in from America’s reduced the red squirrel population in mainland.

Largest onshore oilfield in Europe. This supplies all the oil required for Heathrow flights.

Thatched cottages from seaweeds and purbeck stone can be seen closer to this viewpoint which Paul showed us.

Middle Beach has the old harry rocks and this is the place where normandy landing was practiced. Contraband smuggling done by Old Harry who was the biggest smuggler

Bournemouth has 2 high and 2 low tides which is the only place in U.K. due to Isle of Wight! We reached here at 10:05 and got 15 mins to see the beach

Paul explaining the view of Sandbanks which is the third most expensive real estate in the world.

The next stop is swanage Bay where the Jurassic Coast started. It used to be swamps during the Jurassic Coast until the plates moved and paved way for Coast and islands.

Victorian ladies had guts on wheels during Victorian age. Victorian women get changed in the hut and get the hits pulled closer to water and jump straight in. They had no interest to show even their ankles to public and hence the arrangement!!

The next durlston Castle visit was a nice experience with scenic views and view of caves which was used by the contraband smugglers to bring in stuff from France illegally. 4 entrances and one exit for the cave.

Next stop was Corfe Castle with lunchtime till 1:45 pm. You can’t take 30£ tickets for a family of 2 adults and 1 child to go up the castle for views or can walk alongside a river to enjoy the natural beauty. Do not miss the heartsease Raspberry Lemonade that is sold there. Also enjoy the age old steam engine drive past you at the train station. Nothing like having home made food sitting in the friendly train station

And we finished the tour at Dursley’s door. The disappointing part was the missing Purbeck Isle visit through ferry.

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