Movie Review: Aladdin 2019 – A movie which will be remembered but for Jaffar!

Aladdin Cast

If you are wondering whether to go and watch the new Aladdin here is a piece of advice, do not miss it. Watchable with kids except a couple of liplock scenes, the movie is packaged very well. The lead actors Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud had a tough job on their shoulders to play Princess Jasmine and Aladdin/Price Ali and they did justice to it. The best move by Guy Ritchie was to choose Will Smith to be the Genie! Will Smith steals the show. Nasim does a girlish handmaiden role to pair up with Will Smith very well.

The special effects are spot on and awesome though it gets lost in the story and the cast which is the critical success of this movie

If there is one thing that does not gel well its ‘Jaffar’ played by Marwan Kenzari. It is not that Marwan does not do a good job at it. It just does not gel well with the story we have heard all along. The cunning sorcerer Jaffar doesnt look cunning. His voice does not give the feel of a villain. Guy Ritchie could have chosen a more older, wined looking person to be cast in that role.

Nevertheless , it was a good weekend treat to watch, Enjoy with your kids.

Its a 4/5 for Guy Ritchie’s adaptation of the classic!

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