Travel Blog: Seven Sisters, Sussex, United Kingdom

My Visit to Seven Sisters
Location: Seven Sisters, Sussex, United Kingdom
PC: PK DSLR Nikon D5300

This is a continued travel blog from my experiences in Sussex, United Kingdom.

You can read the fist part here:

Location: Viewpoint for Seven Sisters first cliff
PC: PK DSLR Nikon D5300
PC: Google Maps (Eastbourne to Seven Sisters)

From where we left off at Eastbourne in the apartment, we took a day trip to Seven Sisters, Sussex, United Kingdom. We had seen images of this place in various articles about UK and also in some of the facebook / instagram posts from our freinds and family who had traveled to UK in the past. This prompted us to visit Seven Sisters which is part of the South Downs National Park . Again this is at the coast of the English Channel and is a beautiful series of chalk-a-rock cliffs.

Location: Farmland walk towards viewpoint
PC: PK iPhone 6S

We took a bus from Eastbourne (Bus no 12 from Eastbourne to Brighton stopping at Seven Sisters Gate Entrance). We were guided by a very cordial lady at the tourist information point with a map, describing the way to walk to the cliffs. She explained that the path though flat was a bit difficult to navigate onwards than the return. Thus we took a 45 minute walk which included a hike up a farm which had plenty of sheep and cows which finally brought us to the destination. The view point was something which i am able to cherish even as i type this down. Portions of the view point were marked unsafe for treading because of chalk cliffs becoming loose and falling off proving fatal. So we stayed within the safety limits and took a series of excellent landscape pictures.

Location: Temporary High Tide backwater created near the first cliff coast
PC: PK DSLR Nikon D5300

After spending amole time at the viewpoint, when it started getting a bit crowded, we started walking downhill to the coast. During hightide there is a portion of the cost which becomes split into 2 landmasses giving the feel of separation in between by a temporary backwater, Which we witnessed. The flow of water was amazing like a river.

Many families brought Frisbee (flying discs), big rubber balls and playing gear to enjoy the time as the pebbled coast. Unlike other beaches, these were pebble beaches. After a relaxed afternoon we walked back to the tourist information point and took some afternoon tea/soup and snacks (do not forget to try the farm made cake!)

We returned back by Bus 12 to Eastbourne. It was a day spent well away from the fast paced world!

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