What my broken knee cap taught me…

A few months ago in a freak accident I broken my knee cap. It was totally out of the blue one morning on the way to office. From that day on what I went through was a life’s worth of learning.

I got really lucky to have been lifted up and taken care in the roadside by totally unknown strangers who waited for the ambulance to arrive and one even accompanied me to the hospital and was there waiting till my wife arrived handing me over to her before he left for his daily job.

The ward in which I was admitted had 4 beds and I was the youngest (mind you I am 40 years old!) in that ward. The 3 other guys were 70+ and full of life and had broken far more bones than me not just then but over a lifetime. But their grit and rigour in coming back to form taught me a lesson… never complain about what you are going through. There are tougher challenges being managed by others with a broader smile. The 3 old guys in the ward were happy to see that my operation went well and waved me off happily the day I was discharged.

And then came the realisation of loved ones. The time they spend to make you comfortable, though visibly shaken not showing it and managing to put up a smile and keeping the momentum on to get me back on to my feet …

As I get back on my feet (though still with crutches!) this journey has given me a better approach to life.

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