Baishe Shrabon and Righteous Kill

I started exploring Bengali movies (with subtitles of course given that i do not speak / read Bengali till now!). One such movie (which was recommended by 4 of my friends) was Baishe Shrabon.

These friends who recommended it happen to be Bengali by birth (or) watch movies / have a taste for cinema without language barriers.

Since i have a membership of Hotstar (365 Rs a year!), i found this movie and watched it. One of these friends also mentioned that though this is an excellent movie it is a remake. The original was a star studded ‘Righteous Kill’ – Al Pacino and Robert De Niro (50 Cents is also there!)

Now came the tricky part. Watching ‘Righteous Kill’after watching ‘Baishe Shrabon’. Having actors like Robert De Niro and Al Pacino playing cops is the best cast you can get in a movie cast. While Baishe Shrabon was Indianised, it introduced an age difference between the cops working together. One cop was suspended and re joined in the force for solving a crime in the Bengali version. Each of these movies have a different vibe to it. But Righteous Kill was a give away on the suspense if you are a regular movie buff. The Bengali version leaves you baffled.

Watch both to enjoy the differentiating elements. The cast of the Bengali version is also a well chosen one and the Indianised nuances leave you engrossed in this edge of seat suspense.

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