Kabali Trailer Viral Reaction

Tamil Trailer Telugu Trailer An interesting blog on the comeback of Rajnikanth A meme on the trailer Fire...try getting close...Happy? Neruppuda...then an awesome Punch...Then Nerunguda....and Then Magihchi...thats how Kabali is presented to the 'World' audience... That retro look with a pistol leaving some chinese restaurant with a super shirt clad thalaivar using his left hand... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Kodi as 3.5/5

That 'Mass scene Machi' moment in Kodi Kutchery Road Thatha: 'Yenda Ambi, While we wait to see him pitted against Kajol in VIP 2, he leaves his mark as Kodi and Anbu in this movie. Dhanush has always had the aura to play a political character you see, which we all witnessed in Pudupettai itself you know. I... Continue Reading →

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