Saami Square Trailer Review (Tamil)

Naan Saami Illa Boodam...Naan Thai Vayathula Porakkala...Pei Vayathula Poranden... punch dialogue ezhuda varada yaro ezhudina madiriye irukku!! Chiyan Vikram Mangalyam Thandunanena sollarappo Anniyan voicelaye solraru pa...reminds of maam ekam charanam vraja dialogue in Anniyan... seeing Sumitra after a long time in a role in this movie... Soori irukkapla...conjam sirikkalam...Keerthi Suresh parta Savitri nyabagam daan varudu... Continue Reading →

Aqua Zdroj – Hotel Delight @ Walbryzch

Sometimes while travelling at work you end up in bad hotels and it spoils the whole visit. But sometimes you get lucky! My experience in aqua zdroj is the latter! While Hotels is Poland have not been very impressive this one stands out. Good staff and proper service excellent gym and spa facilities make it... Continue Reading →

Rampage and Avengers Infinity War

Rampage 2018 (Science Fiction) Brad Peyton combines King Kong and Godzilla with a bit of emotions and usual experiment extravaganza This definitely does not look like the video game. It has its movie elements. Dwayne Johnson and Naomie Harris play their roles very well.How a primatologist teams up with a white fur albino gorilla is... Continue Reading →

One Page Short Story: Serial Killer…

The young lady came to the room. She was tired after finishing the days cleaning chores. She started watching her favorite television serial. She was sitting on a sofa. Right behind the sofa was crouched a man who had stealthily entered by the window sometime back to burgle the house. She was engrossed in the... Continue Reading →

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